Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems (A-SMGCS)

The Challenge
Airports represent the bottlenecks of civil aviation. With an annual 5% increase in ground movements, many airports are facing a challenge to meet future demand. Environmental restrictions often prevent new airport projects and airport extensions from taking place; the approval process for such building works can take a significant time to complete. One way to cope with this situation is to maximize capacity of existing runways and taxiways while at the same time maintaining highest level of safety. This includes low visibility operating conditions where it is essential to monitor traffic at the runways and aprons. Flight schedules are not based on weather situations and this is a critical performance factor for airports. Airlines and passengers expect a reliable service level independent from weather.

The AviBit Solution

ACEMAX as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package is the key to reliable continuous service. ACEMAX not only supports high traffic capacity, it can also significantly increase the safety level at any airport under all weather conditions. There is no doubt that the number of runway incursions, near collisions and other unwanted phenomena can be significantly reduced when using ACEMAX as your A-SMGCS.