TELERAD Non-Directional Beacon (NDB) Systems

Unique French designer and manufacturer, our aim is to provide our civil and military customers complete solutions for aeronautical and maritime radio communication systems.
Our products and systems meet the most stringent requirements.
Globally recognized our innovative solutions are designed to guarantee our customers quality, reliability and performance.

RBT9300 MS

The transportable, waterproof cabinet, 50W RBT9300MS NDB meets the requirements of temporary and fast installation, on any civil or military field operations.

The transportable NDB 50W RBT9300MS has been designed
to meet the requirements of temporary and fast installations:
assistance for approach and landing of helicopters on any
The radiobeacon is installed in a waterproof cabinet placed
flush with the ground and connected with another waterproof
cabinet (antenna automatic tuning unit system).This unit
may be supplied either by mains 230 V, or by external 24 V
d.c. Designed for military operations, this NDB can be used
as a “locator” on insolated working site.