Wide Area and Surface Multi-lateration Systems

Wide Area Multilateration
Secondary surveillance radars (SSRs) are costly to deploy and maintain, as such, Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) are seeking alternative technologies. MSS outperforms SSRS in accuracy and update-rates and will do so at a fraction of the cost. NEO by ERA, the next-gen successor of MSS by ERA (Multi-sensor Surveillance System) can be configured as a cooperative wide area surveillance system dedicated to air traffic control. The system in its previous version was type certified in numerous countries against radar standards, such as ICAO ANNEX 10 and ED-142. The extremely high availability characteristics provided by the built in redundancy of wide area systems makes ERA’s NEO the ideal SSR replacement. Applications include wide area, terminal, parallel runway monitoring and height monitoring solutions, providing higher accuracy, greater update rates, better coverage and improved reliability at a much lower cost.
NEO by ERA is a modular system, easily adaptable to any terminal and wide area requirements as well as all terrain challenges. For each deployment, the best configuration and related data link technology are carefully selected to meet the requirements of the customer with optimal utilization of the available infrastructure (e.g. copper wires, optical fibers, wireless connections). ERA’s NEO is also designed to be enhanced for full 3-dimensional air surveillance within the entire Terminal Control Area (TMA). In areas with sufficient Mode A/C/S interrogation provided by local SSR or in areas with transponder overloading problems, NEO by ERA provides a fully passive solution and utilizes all available SSR replies to locate, identify and track aircraft. In this application, there is no need for additional transponder interrogation.
• Low cost replacement for Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR) for all wide area, (en route)
• Completely modular and scalable to fit all surveillance requirements
• Higher accuracy
• Greater update rates

Surface Surveillance
Around the world, as airports become busier and more complex, air navigation service providers (ANSPs) require a surveillance solution capable of addressing the serious risk of runway incursions and ground vehicle surveillance in critical areas. NEO by ERA, the ERA´s new product line system based on proven and certified previous system MSS by ERA (Multi-sensor Surveillance System), along with ADS-B squitter beacon SQUID by ERA provide the surveillance of aircraft and ground vehicles required for advanced-surface movement guidance and control systems (A-SMGCS) to deliver safe and efficient operation at any airport. The system integrates multilateration and ADS-B position data to provide better coverage (particularly in remote and mountainous regions), complete and accurate identification and improved resilience to inclement weather when compared to surface movement radar (SMR) alone. This serves to not only increase safety, but also facilitate increased operations and more efficient control of airport resources. ERA’s unique ability to combine distributed architecture based on GPS time with central time architecture (ideály suited to complex airport layouts) ensures that each system can be optimized to the unique requirement andconstraints of each airport.