Monitoring Systems

HANTAREX is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Flat Screen Displays in both LCD and LED/LCD technology, which are designed to address the needs of installers and end users alike.

HANTAREX originally specialised in the supply of CRT monitors for Airports, Railway stations and the Games Machine industry. Range of monitors included a variety of unique stackable units that became the recognised standard for video walls around the world. CRT monitors are now obsolete and, although still repairable, Hantarex has moved on to new technologies and a range of specialised LCD and LED/LCD products built to the same high standard.

After years of unquestionable world leadership, the HANTAREX brand represents research, style and functionality and this is paramount in every product we supply. Our worldwide customer base appreciates our products for the quality and longevity of service. Design, value, and competitive pricing are at the root of the company's business philosophy, making Hantarex products a very sound investment.

The range of HANTAREX products is expanding every day and visitors to our web site need to make it a regular experience to stay fully informed. We have a reputation for producing solid professional products and offer a full range in every conceivable style. We do not distribute to the “High Street” and generally only ever sell display products through qualified installers and system integrators.

HANTAREX offers display products for every type of application including professional, digital signage, touch screen, video walls, CCTV and media player monitors. Our stylish designs and reputation for producing solid, reliable products is known throughout the world. Innovation, quality and value for money are at the root of our business philosophy and we have been in business in the UK for nearly 33 years with installations in Airports, Railway, Retail, Security, Broadcast, Hotels, Libraries, Museums and Private Homes.

HANTAREX is always developing new products and our "Series" range is continually being expanded and updated to match our customer needs. These include Professional, Media Player, Televisions, Internal and External Free Standing Kiosks and Touch Screen Monitors, all of which had been selected for their availability, reliability and suitability. Amongst the new products, we are pleased to announce the availability of the LCD40” multi-touch screen table display and the beautiful Slimline LED 40” Digital Advertising display.