Electronic Flight Strips Systems (EFS)

The Challenge
Today’s Air Traffic Control towers and control centres work with paper flight strips. Constantly increasing air traffic demands highly sophisticated and efficient ATC systems with increasing numbers of working positions each with differing functions. This requires more and faster communication and coordination overhead that represents additional workload for Air Traffic Controllers. This additional workload needs to be minimized wherever possible. Information written on paper strips cannot be used for later investigation and statistics. DIFLIS collects all this valuable information and also provides statistics that are used for constant improvements in tower operations.

The AviBit Solution
DIFLIS – as a part of the SafeControl Suite ATM package – is a fully digital representation of paper flight strips on a computer touch-pen display. It combines the benefits of a well-established paper strip system with the possibilities offered by electronic data handling. In addition DIFLIS provides an Air Traffic Controller with a workflow based support logic that dramatically reduces the time necessary to handle data input and strip handling.

For more information http://www.avibit.com/en/air-traffic-products/DIFLIS.php