Voice Communication Control Systems (VCCS)

YAZICI represents S.I.T.T.I. S.p.A. since 1998. S.I.T.T.I. S.p.A. has been producing high quality and the most advanced ATC Control Systems since 1946. With more than 500 system installations in five continents, SITTI is one of the world's fastest growing and most innovative providers of integrated air traffic control solutions and operations rooms for strategic civil and military services.
Products include digital voice and data switching systems, analogue voice switching systems, multifunctional terminals, clock systems, aeronautical telecommunication and information systems and consoles.
In this wide field of activities it is undoubtedly quite meaningful that S.I.T.T.I.S.p.A. manufactures homogenous equipment, which have been engineered to treat all the required works for the integrated communication systems not just putting together products of general use normally utilized for telephone exchanges, interphones or remote control.
Any S.I.T.T.I. design complies the requirements of International Aviation Organizations, ICOA and EUROCONTROL. Today, many countries worldwide are working with S.I.T.T.I.'s V.C.C.S.
S.I.T.T.I. is able to solve all the communications problems allowed supplying to big industrial companies “turn key” systems, from project design to all works involved to realize a communications opportunity. Having no other business activity, SITTI is able to offer the total commitment of its resources into this specialized equipment.

With more than 50 years experience in integrated management systems for radio and telephone communications, S.I.T.T.I. is one of the world's primary system suppliers for civil, military, public and private agencies active in Air Traffic Control and other strategic services.
Confirming the company's solid leadership, constant monitoring of the recommendations of the international research and standards bodies, and commitment to technical and operating capabilities responding to user needs, the MULTIFONO® is a fully digital Voice Communication Switching System (VCSS), a highly modular solution that interfaces any type of radio device and telephone line, for optimised communications in the service environments for which it has been designed.
A fully fault-tolerant architecture, superior scalability and configurability, and simple maintenance: the MULTIFONO® is the most efficient and technologically advanced solution to the technical, functional and reliability needs of communication management systems in strategic civil and military service operating environments.

• MULTIFONO® integration with network environments
• Easy network connection, with plug-in interface boards
• Resource sharing (Radio, Telephone, Intercom) among remote networked MULTIFONO® systems, for competence transfers in the event of a catastrophe (terrorist attacks, natural calamities, etc.)
• Telephone switching capability among different external links