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SITTI is a primary world manufacturer of VCS (Voice Communication Systems), with a long dated presence in Brazil with more than 50 systems supplied to CISCEA, PAME and the Navy. SITTI has been invited to exhibit at the FAB (Força Aerea Brasileira) stand to show a typical “Sector Control” configuration, made of 1 Controller and 1 Assistant. These latter are two operative positions (CWP), each of which equipped with a keyboard connected to the Main system and another keyboard connected to the Standby one. A console and the Sagitario Air Traffic Control System (by Atech) complete the show. The exhibited configuration is used in the main Brazilian control centers (CINDACTA 1,2,3,4 and SRPV-SP and DTCEA-GL). SITTI is proud to stay side by side to the Brazilian Armed Forces and to have been invited at LAAD to exhibit an example of the top performance MULTIFONO VCS, which is installed all over the country and daily utilized in the major national control centers.

JOTRON Press Release

Jotron AS, a leading manufacturer of professional communication systems for land, sea and air safety, is launching the Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System. The Phontech 8300 MkII Sound Reception System is designed to receive and detect foghorn sounds from other vessels and is for use onboard one man operated enclosed bridge class ships.

JOTRON takes part in a UK military air traffic management deal

JOTRON is a key supplier of ATC communication technology to Aquila, a joint venture between NATS and Thales, which has signed a contract with the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) to transform terminal air traffic management at military airfields. Aquila will modernise air traffic management at over 100 MOD locations in the UK and overseas, including more than 60 airfields and ranges. The overall contract is valued at approximately £1.5 billion over the course of its 22 year life-span and Jotron will supply VHF & UHF radio communications equipment and Ricochet record and replay systems as part of the Aquila Asset replacement programme. Over 70 MOD sites will be installed with Jotron communication technology.